Friday, 24 January 2014

Review of A Study In Ashes

I just finished the third book in the Baskerville series, A Study In Ashes, by Emma Jane Holloway, and overall, it was an excellent read. Evelina is eminently likeable, as she is not cut from the same cloth as most of the women from that era. She is smart, insatiably curious about all things mechanical, and has an aptitude for magic. 

The book is full of action from start to finish, as Evelina struggles to be who she is while staying within the bounds of who and what society says a woman should be. The only issue I had with this book and the second one is that she succumbs to the charms of more than one man. In my mind, it would have been better had she remained her own person, and not let her feminine side get the better of her.

Having said that, all three books are well worth the read, and one can while away many a delightful hour.

I would give it 9/10

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