Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Poem Written Long Ago

For Himself

Long ago and far away,
I walked the Elven lands.
By babbling brooks and forests green,
I spent my younger years.

But then one dark and dreary day
My dream was snatched away.
I was sent to hostile lands
Far from my faery home.

And since that day without respite
Have I tried to travel back.
Time and again I’ve tried and failed
Year by year my grief has grown.

Now again, the time has come
To try the Portal yet once more.
If yearning makes the Power grow,
I shall return this time.

My roots are in the Land of Sidhe,
There they shall remain,
Until the Portal opens wide
To take me back again.

Written for Lord Ebon, © October 12, 1990, Sue McCaskill

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