Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Short Excerpt

Penelope Parker sighed. It had turned out to be another one of those days at school. Things always seemed to happen around Penelope, especially when she was upset. There was the time Dexter Bigglesworth had called her ‘four-eyes’because she wore glasses. Next thing you know, Dexter has four eyes in his face. Or the time her teacher, Miss Nettlethorpe scolded her for daydreaming, and then suddenly found herself floating near the ceiling.
Penelope wasn’t a bad girl, just a very confused one. All these things were happening around her, and she couldn’t control them.
Penelope didn’t know it yet, but she was very unusual, because her mum was mundane, no powers at all. But her dad? That was another matter altogether. He was a very powerful Wizard, and it seemed Penelope had inherited his powers. Because she was a girl, that made her a Witch, and a very powerful one at that. Problem was, she was completely untrained, so these odd things kept happening around her. Penelope’s mother was at her wit’s end after this latest fiasco with Dexter Bigglesworth and Miss Nettlethorpe.  The headmistress, Miss Penlington, had called her mother to the school, and informed her that that kind of behaviour was absolutely frowned upon. She also suggested that perhaps Penelope would be better off going elsewhere for her education.

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