Tuesday, 24 January 2017


We went and joined the others beside the fire, and the sound of a drum being softly played nudged at my consciousness. A feeling of well-being crept over me and I relaxed back against a log, closing my eyes.

The drum called to me, to come travel with it, and without hesitation, I accepted the call. Instantly, I was among the stars, travelling faster than light. I was a star, I was stardust. My Soul followed the heartbeat of the drum, reveling in the beauty of the night and space, the thousands of twinkling stars, each one a Soul like me, Lost in this beauty, I forgot the troubles on Earth, and felt One with the Universe and Creation.

All too soon, I felt fingers on my forehead, and the voice of the Elder called to me, saying, Sister, come back. You have journeyed far, but now you must return.”
Slowly I opened my eyes, and was disappointed to be back on Earth in my body again. “How long have you been Journeying?” the Elder asked me.
“If you are referring to what just happened, this is the first time,”
The Elder said, “It is very rare to Journey like that the first time; indeed, it usually takes many times before travelling so far, and having an experience like that.”
It didn’t occur to me to ask him how he knew what had transpired on my Journey.
“I felt I was part of the stars, that I was stardust.”
He said, “Our People believe we came from the stars, so your Journey was a true Journey, almost unheard of for one not of the People.”

A feeling of honour and awe came over me, and my eyes filled with tears.
The Elder reached over and hugged me, and said, “Welcome to our family.”

**This is a dream I had last night, as real as if it happened in fact.**

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