Friday, 13 January 2017

Update of Book 2, Chaos and Light

In a perfect world, childhood is happy and carefree, but life is rarely perfect, as Penelope has discovered. Although she has recovered from her harrowing ordeal, it is not over by far. She is finding she must leave childhood behind, and behave like an adult, and take on adult responsibilities. She and her Soul Bond, Prudence, and allies Gillian and Rowena, must learn the most dangerous spells in order to defeat Marcus. They must learn in months what most students took three years or more to learn. However, they do have help, in the form of the redoubtable Hecate, Paddy, Morna, Jacob, Gillian's mother Sylvania, and Penelope’s father Gwyddion. In a surprise move, the Lady from the Garden has stepped in to help, something She has rarely done, and she has gifted Penelope and Gillian with magical daggers, which will prevent mortal harm coming to them or their Soul Bonds as long as the daggers are in their possession.

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